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COVID-19 leads us into uncharted territories and the impacts will no doubt be far reaching and long lasting.  At this time, our highest priority is the safety, health and well-being of our staff, clients and community.  Centron is taking measures to adhere to the CDC policies/recommendations as it pertains to social gathering and will continue to monitor and adapt to any changes that may come our way.

Our staff continues normal collection work, but are cognizant of the current situation and are striving to balance struggles that consumers may face with illnesses, job changes or losses and community driven financial challenges.  We are not strangers to large scale impacts to the populace and our collectors are showing increased compassion and empathy during these trying times.   Our management team is working with staff to provide additional tools so that we may continue to assist consumers who may be experiencing increased frustration or hardship.

Centron is reaching out and wants to let you know that we are willing to make any changes necessary as it pertains to collecting on your accounts.  If you have any changes or adjustments you would like to see implemented in our normal course of handling your accounts, please do not hesitate to contact us so we may assist you any way we are able.

Creditor Sign-up.

Organizations may register for a new secure collections account to submit and manage your collections records.

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Log in to your secure Centron Services Inc.  web app to manage accounts you are submitting for collection.


Contact us with any questions.  406-442-3728 | 800-223-8112

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Consumers may make a payment on accounts that have been sent to collections here.

Centron Services

Centron Services Inc.
Practical Business Solutions Since 1927

Centron Services, Inc. is a longtime member of the American Collectors Association, Montana Collectors Association, ACA Healthcare Services Program, the Healthcare Financial Managers Association and the Montana Medical Group Managers Association.

With declining reimbursements on the rise, do you find yourself unable to devote the time and effort needed to pursue your delinquent accounts? Instead of remaining in the banking business by carrying unproductive self-pay accounts, you can now utilize our proven collection system, designed to meet your needs, reduce your workload and increase cash flow.

Our certified collection professionals consistently collect above the national average and will diligently attempt to recover your past-due accounts. We have provided the best in customer service and results in our industry since 1927.

Centron accepts accounts from a wide variety of creditors including medical, dental, utility, retail, mental health counselors, attorneys and municipal fees, among others.

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